PMS integrates Eco-Design in the development of its technical proposal, and we are particularly sensitive to the difficulties encountered by users during the stages of maintenance of the agitators. Therefore, we have developed an “Easy Maintenance” solution for our range of pendulum propeller agitators, as well as for our range of AHMix horizontal agitators.

Our optimized design meets our customers’ expectations in terms of:

  • Ergonomics and safety, by limiting the intervention of operators outside the tank (except AHMix) and by reducing the intervention plan;
  • Significant reduction of costs and time of maintenance;
  • Increased productivity of facilities;
  • Reduced handling requirements;

This design also makes it possible to eliminate the gasket between the tank flange and the agitator flange, and it is available for sealing solutions with gaskets or mechanical seals.

It complies with the most demanding international standards in terms of hygienic design and manufacturing.

Our sales team is at your disposal to propose these solutions for your projects for new tanks, but also for revamping existing facilities. Our clients who have already trusted us by integrating “Easy Maintenance” have seen the reality of the return on investment from the first maintenance operation.

Case Study