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The requirements of the industrial sector, linked to the specific features of cosmetic products, are constantly changing, making our technical products and services particularly attractive.

We are proud to assist all the players of the sectors in their quest for high performance.
Our ranges of pendulum, horizontal and tank bottom agitators cover all the needs of the industrial sector, regardless of the expected functionality.

Discover our range of agitators and mixing arms.



Cubimix Solid shaft Propellers with a "thin blade" profile allowing the use of reduced power for high mixing effectiveness, or with a higher shearing profile


Double movement

Double movement Independence of geared motors to allow independent setting in motion, direction and speed of rotation Determination of the profiles of the propeller and anchors & the characteristics


Anchor impellers

Anchor impellers Anchor-type proximity impellers (without scrapers) Scraping anchor-type impellers (with scrapers) Hygienic design that complies with the most demanding international standards Definition of seals and characteristics of the



Propellers Hygienic design with propellers welded onto shaft or hub, complying with the most demanding international standards Determination of the profiles of the propeller & the characteristics of