PMS has increased its expertise by acquiring CFD numerical simulation software for fluid mechanics and by integrating an engineering specialist in the field, thereby strengthening our position as agitation and mixing technology engineers.

The modelling system simulates the reality of the mixture and agitation/stirring by considering the different parameters such as temperature, pressure, pumping flow rate, particle size, viscosity, density, etc.

The digital studies are used to analyse behaviours and complex scenarios by varying the parameters of acceptance and of the agitation profiles in less time and with less constraints than in tests performed in the real world.

CFD enables us to make useful comments to help decision-making on the design of the equipment and the steps of acceptance with access to all data (pressure, concentration, temperature, etc.) and with the ability to vary them.

PMS assists you in your search for the efficiency of your facilities.

We also have two pilot platforms for producing and validating your acceptance tests with our support and our advice.

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