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Process Mixing Solutions (PMS)

More than just a manufacturer, PMS positions itself as your mixing engineering consultant and adviser, to assist you in the development and continual improvement of your process by providing you with efficient customized solutions.

PMS (Process Mixing Solutions) has provided assistance in development and innovation for more than 35 years, with the quality of its products, its expertise and its performance commitments.

Since 1980, PMS has studied, designed, manufactured and marketed agitation and mixing technology solutions in the following sectors of activity: agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, water treatment, various industries and nuclear power.
In accordance with international standards of hygienic design, we are the key partner of players in the most demanding markets. We are now strengthening our expertise with CFD numerical simulation tools, combined with our test platforms in our workshops.

We are now continuing to develop our technical and commercial services with 3 strategic aims:

  • Performance with optimization of our solutions.
  • Safety with proven design and manufacturing adapted to needs.
  • Efficiency with consideration of the overall cost of operation and the guarantee of optimal use of our equipment.

15 000

agitators installed in the world


age of experience


agitators manufactured per year


Building on our expertise gained over the years in these different sectors of activities, we became more than just a manufacturer to our clients, but a partner engaged in analysing and understanding their needs in order to deliver reliable, long-lasting solutions. With our aim of constant evolution, we work on strengthening and developing our lines of products.

Ever since its foundation by an agitation and mixing technology specialist in the 1980s, PMS has earned a strong reputation in this field, where skill and experience are paramount.In the 1990s, the capacity to innovate in agitation and mixing technology and the expertise of PMS teams were recognized and praised by articles in leading journals of agitation and mixing techniques and engineering. The company was bought in 2000 by the Triballat group and then in 2006 by the SPLG group.


We continually search for the most appropriate solutions to meet your most complex needs through our expertise. We are continually committed to our responsibility for the performance of our solutions.

In this way, we build a long-lasting relationship of trust with you.


PMS’s strength is based on the integration of different skills within the company, for both design and manufacturing. All our teams work together to provide you with the best technical proposal and service. We place our multi-sector expertise at your disposal to continually improve your process.

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Our know-how and our close relations with clients encourage creativity and innovation. Our company attaches great importance to the development of its range of products and services in order to retain its key position as manufacturer-adviser. All of our teams are permanently mobilized to assist you with your changing needs.

We have CFD digital simulation tools to assist us in your projects for the development or improvement of agitation and mixing technology solutions.



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A quarter of our turnover is now from exports. We want to speed up development of our exports, with a target of 50% of turnover in the medium term. PMS is strengthening its presence among its customers, boiler makers and system integrators in Europe and around the world. In parallel, we are developing our network of agents and distributors to provide a local service to our customers.

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